Central Virginia Electrical Contractors Association

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  • To promote the common good and welfare of its members and activities in the profession of electrical contracting
  • To promote and maintain high standards of professional ethics and practice
  • To promote uniformity of practice
  • To advance education of electrical contractors
  • To aid and encourage the interests of the junior members of the organization
  • To establish better relations between electrical contractors and other professions
  • To promote closer relations, understanding, and cooperation in the profession
  • To promote open communication with local code enforcement authority.

  • Meetings:

    The Association meets on the first Tuesday of each month.
    The meeting is usually a dinner meeting with a Guest Speaker.

  • Fee Structure:

    $500.00 per year
    Year is calendar year January to December.
    New members can join after September for a prorated fee of $200.

  • Apprenticeship Program:

    As approved by the Director of Apprenticeship, Department of Labor and Industry, State of Virginia, participants in the Apprenticeship program will be limited to Trainees who are employees of members of the Central Virginia Electrical Contractor’s Association, Inc. and who have been registered with the Virginia Apprenticeship Council. Each Contractor contributes a $225.00 subsidy for each apprentice registered per year. This fee is subject to change on a yearly basis.



    Apprenticeship Tools

    Announcements    Application    Calendar    Contact Training Director